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6 Years to Complete a 4 Year Degree?! [Video]

It might take six years to receive a four-year college degree…Wait, what?

Hi there, and welcome back to the Smart TrackTM Minute.

It may seem unusual however there is a growing trend in higher education of students taking between five and six years to complete a four-year degree program. This impacts a whopping 59 percent of students and an even higher percentage at private colleges where the number of students taking 6 years is as high as 89 percent today according to the National Center for Education Statistics!. Although some of the extra time spent in college may be unavoidable, taking between 5 and 6 years to complete a 4-year undergraduate degree can be avoided for the majority of students.

Parents must consider the setbacks associated with these statistics, including additional costs involved that will rise exponentially when more years are being tacked on and delaying the onset of your students career. If you just think in terms of immediate costs, consider room & board, tuition and fees, books, etc. it becomes overwhelming with just how much even one additional semester will add up to.

There is good news! You don’t have to leave this up to chance, as there ARE proven strategies to make sure your student is setup to have a successful, enjoyable and timely college experience.

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