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College Resource Center Releases FAFSA White Paper

Every year, hundreds of thousands of families fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form and send it in with hopes of maximizing their college funding support from the colleges and the government. Although the FAFSA was initiated with the best intentions – specifically to help ensure all individuals can navigate it successfully to receive the financial aid they deserve – many consider it intimidating and confusing. Moreover a high percentage of parents actually believe they "left money on the table" by not completing it properly.

Handling FAFSA with skill can boost a student's total amount of aid, and save families enormous sums of money as a result. This is why College Resource Center recently wrote a new white paper on How to Ace the FAFSA which is available to parents and students who are looking for expert guidance on completing the form and its various moving parts.

This particular white paper will cover several key matters involved in FAFSA, such as:

  • Preparing to fill out the form. 
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions. 
  • Filing options and best practices. 
  • Timing and dates of note. 
  • Changes to the 2016 FAFSA process. 
  • Steps to take following the completion and filing of the form. 

College Resource Center's CFO Scott Greenameyer, a seasoned college planner, Certified Public Accountant and Certified College Planning Specialist, composed this white paper and injected his immense experience and expertise therein. Having this type of knowledge at hand when navigating the college funding process can go a long way toward easing the strain of this otherwise stressful process and boosting the overall sum of scholarships, grants and financial aid received.

Some of the most important dates for this year's FAFSA are quickly approaching, so feel free to take advantage of downloading this white paper and garnering some useful insights from it. As always, the use of a Smart Track​™ college funding expert can even further improve prospects for a student's financial aid.