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Deciding between public, private college education [Video]

The choice between attending a public or private college has always been related to the costs involved in each, but how are tuition rates playing out today?

Hi again, and welcome back to the Smart TrackTM Minute. 

EducationDIVE reported that private schools have actually started to provide the highest discounts on record of late, with the national average for freshmen in 2015-2016 entailing a nearly 50 percent discount. Unfortunately, that news appeared to worry some groups with respect to the financial stability of higher education institutions providing such massive discounts. 

At the same time, this could potentially make college a far more viable pursuit following high school graduation, as students will have a wider range of options given the immense discounts coming through in the private college industry. Additionally, since these private institutions have funding available outside of the Federal and State funds, families are more likely to end up with more free money in the form of scholarships and grants as opposed the loans typically offered in the state schools Award Letters.

How will you decide on your student’s college enrollment should be 100% focused on the bottom line not the college sticker price. So do these tuition discounts and robust “Free” money awards change your opinion on private schools? Be sure to schedule a one-on-one call and work with one of our seasoned Smart Track™ coaches to assist you in choosing the most generous college on your student’s list and keep in mind it is likely not to have the least expensive sticker price.

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