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Get more college funding with a financial aid appeal [Landing Page]

Too often parents accept the financial aid they're offered without considering that with some help, they can secure even more, sometimes much more!

If you move swiftly, it may not be too late to receive more financial aid – but only if you understand the process and with your plan in place you tap into the college discretionary fund. Additional consideration for an increased award package typically goes to the families that understand and use the Official Appeals process.

And in many cases an appeal is warranted.

Why? First off because the average federal loan amount is not nearly enough to cover the cost of college and special circumstances must be explained. Additionally competing college offers can be leveraged.

While the majority of students receive some sort of financial aid going into college, the average amount is just a fraction of the total cost of attendance. Most families receive a mere $5,500 as an incoming freshman in federal aid in the form of an unsecured loan. The average cost of college is well over $30,000 this year. And to add more pressure to the cooker many private colleges are well into the $65,000+ per year!

This is why a financial aid appeal, on top of a thorough and crystal clear strategy, can be a huge help for families looking to maximize various funding resources. Like just about everything in the college planning process, putting together a successful appeal isn't easy if you don't know the steps. This is how Smart TrackTM college funding coaches can help. We have literally saved our members tens of $1,000,000's of dollars over the last 16 years.

Smart TrackTM college funding coaches have the expertise to help you put together a powerful appeal, as well as an overall college funding strategy that maximizes savings, financial aid, tax advantages and other resources. By registering here, you can take advantage of the best assistance out there with a free Smart TrackTM membership!