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Handling letters of acceptance [Video]

Welcome back to Smart Track™ Minute, and happy acceptance letter season!

All across the nation, high school students are receiving their letters of acceptance. This can be a joyous time, but will often be a stressful one as well.

If your students are getting multiple letters of acceptance, you’ll want to know how to handle the situation. Utilize your Awards Analysis tool located in the Learning Center once you are logged in to your Free Smart Track account. This will provide you with detailed insight to whether or not you received a fair offer and what to do if you did not. Smart Track™ provides you with an on-demand video with a step by step action plan to navigate you through the appeals process, which is the college’s official term for negotiations, if you receive a subpar offer.

If you have a question and you have not already scheduled a one on one consultation you can click on the link to speak with your Smart Track™ college funding expert once all of your letters have been received. This will help to sift through your options and ultimately make an informed decision in deciding on the best one available.

Thanks for checking in, and keep an eye out for the next Smart TrackTM Minute video!