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How can Federal work study add up to better grades and stronger network?

Students increasingly need to work while going through college, but should they be participating in work study programs?

Federal work study programs will often be offered as part of a financial aid package, one that will allow students to earn extra money while also staying on campus.

However, what if a student can find another job with higher pay and better hours off campus, is that the best route. Perhaps however they made need transportation and that causes additional distractions that may not make it worth the effort.

When your student is trying to choose between the two, make sure they understand how having a job will impact their academics life before they make the final decision. Statistically students enrolled in work-study programs get and maintain higher GPA's than their counterparts that don't work on campus. Most students report being forced into better time management, meeting new people on campus they otherwise wouldn't have met and the money they earn is an added bonus. Also reported is that the jobs themselves are typically not very demanding. All in all it appears that considering a work-study program if you qualify for it is a worthwhile consideration.