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Smart Track Minute: Are you stuck in the middle? [Video]

Welcome to Smart TrackTM Minute! Where we’ll take a minute to make college planning easier for you. 

There are plenty of families out there that may think they don’t have enough savings to pay for college out-of-pocket, and believe they make too much per year to qualify for financial aid. You may be one of them.

These families may feel stuck in the middle, without a viable solution.

[marker] College is much too expensive for many families to pay for out-of-pocket, and it’s growing by almost twice the rate of inflation every year.

And it’s true that not all families will qualify for need-based aid with their current financial situation, however with a little advanced planning you may be shocked at what can be done to help you maximize your financial aid and pay for college in a tax advantaged manner.

This is why it is important to think outside the norm and seek expert advice if you are not sure what may be possible.

[marker] You may think you’re stuck in the middle however well-thought out college plan combined with properly positioned assets can help those families much more easily manage college.

To put together the best strategy for your family, speak with a Smart TrackTM college planning expert, and be sure to check back again for more from Smart TrackTM Minute!