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Smart Track Minute: Can early decision and early action applications cost you (a lot of) money? [Video]

Early decision and action applications have their place. 

But these options are not right for every student.

Applying early decision or early action should be reserved for students who have carefully planned their paths to college, and are certain about the school(s) they’d like to attend.

[marker] Decisions are typically issued 4-5 weeks and often more than 2 months before deadlines for regular applications. That’s the good news!

If your student:

  • needs to boost his or her grades
  • has not narrowed down their choices to less than 3 colleges
  • is not committed to attending a single college
  • hasn’t researched the colleges thoroughly

Then in all likelihood, they should apply through the regular process.

Most importantly, if financial aid is an important part of your final choice college, you will not want to give away your negotiation power to the college by choosing and Early Decision root for your students college Admissions application.

[marker] Speak with a Smart TrackTM college planning expert for more insight on what application track works best for your student. And be sure to visit again for more from Smart TrackTM Minute!