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These 9 majors will give your child the best chance of a debt-free future

As student debt continues to be one of the more prominent topics of conversation across the nation, parents should be striving to put their students on the right path toward a debt-free, post-grad future. Along with choosing the most generous college, this will be heavily reliant upon the majors chosen. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be among the best areas to focus on when choosing a major, as relevant jobs do not only pay well, but the skills shortage in the United States is most intense among these industries.

Here are the top 9 that will give your children the best opportunities to quickly pay off their debts following graduation:

1. Health Sciences
This will not necessarily be the highest-paying job in and of itself, but it will prepare your student for post-grad entrance into surgeon studies, which currently boasts the highest median income in the country. Three sub-categories of health sciences degrees were in CareerCast's highest-paying jobs list in 2015. 

2. Engineering
Especially when choosing a specialization in petroleum, nuclear or chemical backgrounds, engineering comes with some of the highest median pay in the country, as well as exceptionally high initial salaries for new entrants into the job market. This is one of the many reasons why engineering landed on Bankrate's list of top-earning degrees.  

3. Actuarial Mathematics
Although students will not necessarily have a massive salary right out of the gate with a degree in actuarial mathematics, they will have a very healthy salary on average within the first few years of their careers. What's more, this only requires a bachelor's degree, meaning that there will be less schooling and funding necessary to complete the program than other high-paying jobs would demand. PayScale ranked actuarial mathematics as the third highest-earning bachelor's education.

4. Computer Science
Given the fact that computing devices, software and coding are among the most sought after skills in the workforce today, computer science majors have a very healthy future ahead of themselves. After completing a bachelor's and being in the job market for a few years, they can expect to hit six figures in their annual salaries. This study ranked at No. 7 on Business Insider's list of top-earning degrees. 

5. Systems Architect
This degree would require a bit more intense and unique coursework completion, but with thousands of positions open today and a median salary at six figures, systems and solutions architects will be able to pay off their student debts incredibly quickly. Architectural managers are currently among the highest-paid professionals in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

6. Software Architect
With degrees available from a range of institutions across the country and only four years of schooling needed to enter the workforce, software architects have bright futures ahead of them. Additionally, those holding these degrees can find work in virtually every industry today given the massive importance of software. TheStreet had this degree at No. 7 on its list of most profitable majors

7. Strategic Management
In terms of strong job prospects and a broad range of opportunities to earn post graduation, strategic management degrees are among the best around today. Fast Company cited this as one of the highest paying skills in the country

8. Pharmacist
Although students will need to stay in school longer than four years to get a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, they will commonly have a six-figure salary right out of the gate, allowing them to pay off their debts more quickly. U.S. News and World Report ranked pharmacists at No. 13 thanks to a 1.6 percent unemployment rate and a $127,130 median salary. 

9. Lawyer
With consistent, immense demand for those possessing law degrees, your child will rarely struggle to find work following graduation. The considerable pay landed this profesison on CNBC's list of highest-paying jobs in 2016