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Tips for your college tour checklist [Video]

Welcome to Smart TrackTM Minute. Today, we have a question for you!

Are you planning a college visit soon?

If so, you have your checklist together, right? Your college tour checklist is your guide to what to look for and what to ask, and it can help parents and students make sure they choose the right school.

For example, don’t forget to ask about potential extra expenses such as room and board. For example, are there meal plans options or is it all or nothing? You may only want one meal a day and end up paying for three.

Remember to explore the surrounding area as well. Student’s don’t spend all their time on campus, so get a feel for the area.

Take notes on things you like and don’t like and take pictures! Start an electronic file on each college you visit. You may be surprised how they all blend together after multiple visits.

Also, probe your college guide about ways to cut costs. Do RAs get room and board discounts or is there tuition relief for students who work on-campus?

A Smart TrackTM college planning expert can help you put together the perfect college tour checklist. Set up a meeting today to learn more strategies for making the most of a college tour, and keep an eye out for more Smart TrackTM Minute videos!